A big advantage of working from home

I’m not one generally for working from home. I find it quite isolating, and, when you’re sitting in the suburbs, downright boring at times. There are a number of benefits though. Staying out of the cold is great, but above all, having your kitchen at your disposable to whip up something tasty beats eating at the Sodexo cafeteria at Aerospace Engineering 10 out of 10 times (would be 11 out of 10 if that was possible!).

And so, I sit here, enjoying a taste of Italy. Pasta pesto (with fresh pesto made near Genoa), with pine nuts, porcini mushrooms and a healthy sprinkling of fresh parmesan cheese … mmmm, maybe this isn’t conducive to working at home after all …

[caption id=“attachment_106” align=“alignleft” width=“2592”]Home-made pasta pesto Pasta with fresh pesto from Liguria, pine nuts, porcini mushrooms, and awesome parmesan cheese.[/caption]

Kartik Kumar
Kartik Kumar
Co-founder & CEO

Kartik is an aerospace engineer and planetary scientist with degrees from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He is currently co-founder and CEO at satsearch, a European Space Agency startup that is working on democratizing access to the global commercial space market.