Adults-Only Air

Every time I fly long-distance, I wonder why no one has come up with an “adults-only” airline. I absolutely love babies, but put a cranky, screeching one inside a sealed metal tube, and you have the ingredients for the biggest baby-lovers to plead for adult-only bliss.

Seriously though, it seems to me like a viable business opportunity. I can understand that maybe the marketing side of things would be somewhat complicated by the fact that you’re running the risk of alienating a lot of people, if you’re not careful with how you position your product. Nevertheless, I would think that there is a clear market for flights ensuring general peace and quiet for passengers. Wouldn’t business folk flying halfway around the world for meetings cherish an opportunity to sleep through a flight, without being startled by the poor baby that just wants to run free at 10,000 m?

Perhaps this idea just stems from my frustration of being struck by Murphy’s law each and every time, with the screeching baby being typically within 2 meters of me, no matter which seat I get. Case in point, my flight from Philly to San Fran. It didn’t help that we had to divert to Denver to refuel. The poor baby in the seat in front of me had had pretty much enough after the first landing-take-off sequence. The second leg from Denver to San Francisco was torture for all.

Not sure whether this is really something warranting a post. Nevertheless, I think it’s an interesting business proposition in my mind. Wonder how big the market for adult-only flights is …

Kartik Kumar
Kartik Kumar
Co-founder & CEO

Kartik is an aerospace engineer and planetary scientist with degrees from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He is currently co-founder and CEO at satsearch, a European Space Agency startup that is working on democratizing access to the global commercial space market.