Start of a new adventure

As of tomorrow, 1st of April 2014 (NO JOKE!), I will officially be embarking on a new chapter in my professional life. After some deliberation, I have decided to seize the opportunity to work at Dinamic Srl (www.

Spyder -- MATLAB for Python

Having “grown up” on MathWorks MATLAB for my high-level scientific computing applications, I’ve grown accustomed to the easy, click-to-inspect interface that MATLAB provides when prototyping new algorithms. MATLAB is sold as the Language of Technical Computing, with good reason.

Staying motivated

One of the biggest troubles I’ve grappled with over the last few years is maintaining a consistent level of motivation in all my work. I’m pretty sure grad school is intended to be more of a test of character than your ability to solve a differential equation, purely because it seems infinitely harder to maintain a clear understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing, as opposed to looking up a theorem in a book or paper, and doing some algebra/numerical work.

Exam invigilation

Does exam invigilation really work? I’m sat here in a room with 32 students, heads down, working through some fun rocket motion problems, and it strikes me as quite a waste of time for everyone concerned, for me to sit here.

Thesis progress and Kepler

The months have flown by since my last update. Since August, I have been working hard on trying to get the Mab-problem sorted out. I am now at the stage that I can hopefully start drawing conclusions from my results that will have a bearing on whether the hypothesis of the study can be valid.

Lots of travel

It’s been a whirlwind few months. I’ve crossed more timezones than I care to remember, traversed more kilometers than I can count, and seen more places than I can remember at the moment.

Thesis progress and more

The last few months have been devoted to working on my thesis and a number of other tasks. I have been developing more code in Tudat, aimed towards setting up my simulations.


Time for another update. Since my last update, lots of has happened. After a winter break on the East Coast, I got my nose back to the grindstone at the start of the new year.

Internship and paper

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this website. For a number of reasons, I have not been motivated enough to maintain the website on a regular basis. I am however resolved to doing so from this moment forwards, so hopefully you’ll see plenty more updates here on a more regular basis!