Git commit safety

CREDIT: Raffles Medical Group I don’t know if I’m the only one that faces it, but I seem to regularly edit the contents of a local Git branch, add/remove files, commit, only to realise that I’ve been working on the wrong branch!


The following is the story of how GoUrbanGrow was born. Enjoy! The weekend of 25th-27th of October, 2013, I participated in Yes!Delft’s 1-2-Launch startup program: a 60-hour marathon, with coaching from seasoned investors and entrepreneurs.


[caption id=“attachment_247” align=“aligncenter” width=“260”][/caption] This weekend I’m participating in Yes!Delft’s 1-2-Launch weekend startup program. It’s been an absolutely blast and I’m completely psyched about the business we’re launching! It’s been a great experience getting out on the street and figuring out what problems people are facing and want solved.

Spyder -- MATLAB for Python

Having “grown up” on MathWorks MATLAB for my high-level scientific computing applications, I’ve grown accustomed to the easy, click-to-inspect interface that MATLAB provides when prototyping new algorithms. MATLAB is sold as the Language of Technical Computing, with good reason.

New website!

Finally, I decided to migrate to a Wordpress-based site. I hope this means that I’ll be more motivated to keep the content here updated more frequently. There’s plenty to report since my last post, almost a year ago.


Time for another update. Since my last update, lots of has happened. After a winter break on the East Coast, I got my nose back to the grindstone at the start of the new year.